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Success Stories

Sneha Bhagat Weds Pravin Ganvir

By:Sneha & Pravin at 25-12-2015

We are very grateful to Aastha Buddhist Marriage. We got married on 24th Dec 2015, Dhande Celebration Hall, Nagpur

Best No.1 Aastha Buddhist Marriage

By:Minakshi & Rohan at 23-02-2015

We found each other through aasthabuddhistmarriage.com , we liked each other then finally we got Engaged  on 22nd, Feb 2015. Now we are very happy. Lots of Thanks to Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau, Nagpur.

Best Aastha Buddhist Marriage

By:Pragati & Prashant at 18-01-2015

Hi, thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful partner. I am really glad to have Prashant in my life & it was not possible without Aasthabuddhistmarriage.com .After receiving interest from my partner we initially started on the phone. We quickly realized that we had common interests and values and started to like each other. After talking on the phone for several weeks we developed a deep connection and realized that we could not live without each other. We got married on 18th JAN. 2015 at Rahi Sabhagraha, Nagpur.Once again thank you to Aastha Buddhist marriage Bureau.

No.1 Aastha Buddhist Marriage

By:Kanchan & Reema at 26-11-2014

We just registered our profiles on Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau, and met each other with matching profiles. When we came to know about each other, we met personally and then we got married on 26th of October 2014 at KRC Celebration, Nagpur. Thank you Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau for making the match.

Nagpur No.1 AASTHA Buddhist Marriage Bureau At Nagpur

By:Manishkumanr & Priyanka at 02-06-2014

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau. I met my mate and got married on 2nd June 2014 at Ladies Club, Nagpur .No doubt this was a match made in heaven, but, we are happy to meet on earth through Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau. Manishkumar & Priyanka.

India No. 1 Buddhist Marriage Website in Nagpur

By:Dr. Abhidhamma & Dr. Shivani at 28-05-2014

I'm truly thankful to Aastha Buddhist Marriage for helping me meet with my soulmate. We expressed interest by exchanging our profiles following which we met and to our pleasant surprise - we instantly liked each other and decided to go ahead with a relationship that promises eternal love and care for each other. We are also thankful to our parents for their support and encouragement. We recommend Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau to all of those that are looking for their ultimate soulmate.

No. 1 Buddhist Marriage Website in NAGPUR

By:Umesh & Natasha at 11-05-2014

I would like to thank Aastha Buddhist Marriage for helping me find my soul mate and life partner. I registered on this wonderful site and I met Natasha who responded to my profile. Aastha Buddhist Marriage is greatly appreciated by all individuals, who choose to search for 'quality' not 'quantity' in a mate. We wish to thank again for bringing us together

India No.1 Aastha Buddhist Marriage Website

By:Milind & Akansha at 21-02-2014

Hi, Thank you so much Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau for finding me such a wonderful partner .I am really glad to have Akansha in my life & it was possible because of your services. I saw Akansha profile on your portal & i liked it very much. She is the one i have been searching for long time,I sent request to her parents & they accepted it. We got married on 21 Feb.2014 At Hotel Pride,Nagpur. Since then we have got along very well with each other. I am really happy to have Akansha in my life. Thank you for your service.

Best AASTHA Buddhist Marriage Bureau At Nagpur

By:Praffula & Pranita at 12-06-2013

Thanks a lot of AASTHA Buddhist Marriage for helping me finding my match.The User interface was extremely pleasing and the process of shortlisting was made easy. I would recommened all to use AASTHA Buddhist Marriage Services for finding their prospective match.We solemnized our ring ceremony on the 9th of June 2013.

Best Buddhist Marriage at Nagpur

By:Praffull & Preeti at 24-02-2013

Hi,I am PRAFFULL & my wife is PREETI .Many many Thanks to AASTHA buddhist marriage, I have got a sweet, beautfull & down to earth as my life partner.I love her very much.Thank you!!!!

Abhishek Tembhurne Weds Ashwini Gajbhiye

By:Abhishek & Ashwini at 26-12-2012

It was very interesting meeting each other on AASTHA Buddhist Marriage. After getting to know each other well enough we got married on 25 DEC 2012 At Ladies Club Lawn,Nagpur. Thanks to AASTHA Buddhist Marriage, our Parents & friends for their support and encouragement. !!!!! We recommened AASTHA Buddhist Marriage to all those who are looking for their life Paryners.!!!!! Abhishek & Ashwini

Best Buddhist Marriage Bureau At Nagpur

By:Gaurav & Preeti at 16-04-2012

I have met someone very special through Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau at Nagpur. Me and my partner both felt that we are made for each other.We sincerely thank Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau for bringing us together.

Best Buddhist Marriage Bureau

By:Rahul & Priyanka at 30-11--0001

We met on Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau back in the year 2011 & got married. We are a happy married couple now & We thanks to "Aastha Buddhist Marriage Bureau"for Bringing us together. !!! Rahul & Priyanka.

Best Marriage Bureau

By:Jyoti & Surendra at 30-11--0001

Thanks to aasthabuddhistmarriage.com which changed our lives all together!! It is because of this site. We came to know about each other. We got married on 30 June 2012. I am so thank full to this site for filling my life with all the happiness & joy; thanks a lot!! Regards Jyoti & Surendra